Wine Wednesday: Lynmar Estate Syrah

This Sonoma Coast Syrah was one of my favorite Syrah’s I’ve had to date. I’m usually more of a Pinot Noir or Cabernet girl so I was pleasantly surprised when I took my first sip. Fun fact, we did in fact drink this wine in the park one afternoon, hence the to-go cups.

In terms of taste, acidity is present from the start on this wine as well as a strong spice undertone. However, compared to a typical Cabernet, it’s on the lighter side. The fruit flavor was subtle and much more on the tart side.

We visited Lynmar Estate this past fall when we went to Sonoma and couldn’t have┬áhad a better time. The scenery was beautiful and the wine was delicious. We actually finally found a few white wines that we liked so much we purchased them. Eric and I are both almost exclusively red drinkers, so finding a few Chardonnay varieties we enjoyed was a shock. Looking forward to sharing those whites with you as the weather warms up.

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