Zipped Up

Bonjour Blue- Zipped Up Bonjour Blue- Zipped Up Bonjour Blue- Zipped UpBonjour Blue- Zipped Up

Top: C. Wonder (also love this one), Skirt: Anthropologie, Boots: Saks Fifth Avenue (similar here), Jewelry: David Yurman and Julie Vos


Inbox Clutter

For the past week or so my biggest mission has been to unsubscribe from nearly every email list (except the essentials) that I am on. I know there are sites that group them into one email or unsubscribe you, but I’m not too keen on handing over my email password to a site. I have to say, after having done it, I absolutely LOVE waking up to only the emails I need to respond to and just a few that I like to get updates from. It makes my day a lot less stressful to see a much smaller number in my email inbox.

Inbox Clutter

1. Before just deleting a bunch of emails, ask yourself if you actually want to receive them or if they are a waste of your time. Act accordingly.

2. Be persistent, there were a few companies that I had to unsubscribe a few times for it to actually take me off the list, while it is annoying, it is much better than receiving 50-100 junk emails every day.

3.  Answer your emails as they come in to avoid having any slip through the cracks. If you don’t have time right then to answer it, flag the email or mark it as “unread” again so you remember later.

4. Delete. Archive. Delete. Archive. Once an email has been seen and responded to, get it out of your inbox. I have about 10+ folders on my main email that I file emails away in that I might need later, the rest get deleted.

5. Set a max number of emails you allow yourself to have in your inbox by the end of the day. This will keep you on top of getting through them and keeping it manageable. That being said, don’t stress if you’re a little higher on that number some days, there are only so many hours in a day, and beauty sleep is a real thing people.


Fall Sparkle

I’ve been lusting over all of the baubles and sparkle that have been coming out in the Fall/Winter collections. I even broke down about bought a statement sparkler (you’ll see it on here soon and on my instagram even sooner!) I had to put together a little post about a few that are on my radar along with a few bags to go with! Fall Sparkle

Which combination is your favorite? I’m struggling to pick but that lilac grey bag is absolutely to die for!

Shop the post here (and a few other picks!):


Dotted Pony

IMG_9425 IMG_9451 IMG_9522 IMG_9540 IMG_9570

Sweater: Tory Burch (dress version here, cardigan version here), Jeans: Tory Burch, Booties: Saks Fifth Avenue (similar here), Bag: Tory Burch, Jewelry: David Yurman and Julie Vos

Shop the post (and a few picks) here:


The Trend: Cape Coats

Cape Coats

Cape coats keep popping up on my radar and each time I come closer and closer to getting one. I love how versatile they are I love the swing they have to them, prefect for twirling. I’ve picked out a few of my favorites for you guys to shop them! I love how the one above is styled, it’s long enough to substitute in and become a dress. For me, I would probably pair it with jeans and boots on a cold night (aka you get to wear a blanket and it’s acceptable…such a win.) How would you style your cape coat?

Shop them here:

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Summer to Fall

Bonjour Blue- Summer to Fall Bonjour Blue- Summer to FallBonjour Blue- Summer to Fall Bonjour Blue- Summer to Fall Bonjour Blue- Summer to Fall

Blazer: Elizabeth McKay (also similar here), Sweater: J.Crew (similar here), Jeans: Miss Me, Heels: Halogen, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Jewelry: J.Crew, Loren Hope, and David Yurman


Interview Spotlight: Ashley Brooke Designs

It’s back! One of my favorite series I ever did was my interview spotlight of female entrepreneurs and so I couldn’t help but bring it back! To kick it off I chatted with one fun and sassy lady, Ashley Brooke of Ashley Brooke Designs!

Ashley Brooke Daniel Interview

SM: What was your job before ABD and how did you know it was time to venture out on your own?

AB: My first “big girl job” out of college was working as a junior designer at a fancy Interior Design firm… but that didn’t last too long! Ha!

Honestly, it was an idea that was birthed out of necessity. I was laid off from my interior design job when the market crashed and just decided that I needed to do something and do something fast. No one was hiring for ANYTHING, so I decided to do my best to take control of the situation and start something. I put all my skills together with the resources I had, and Ashley Brooke Designs was born. It’s been pretty crazy.

My family is amazing, and lucky for me I grew up with parents who were and are still today successful, creative entrepreneurs. My parents run a high-end photography company, so I pretty much grew up in their studio playing with old negatives and watercolors… so I guess you could say I was destined to be some sort of entrepreneur–I didn’t really know there was any other option.


SM: What does a typical day look like for you?

AB: Oh gosh, it changes a bit everyday but the normal day usually looks like this:

Spin Class from 5:45 a.m. – 7 a.m.

House Chores, taking Lucy for a walk, and getting ready 7-8:30ish

I sit down to do my daily devotions and journal around 9ish

…And around 10 we start! We have our morning conference calls around 1o o’clock every morning and depending on what we talk about in that call really roadmaps the rest of my day! I then work on e-mail, social media, and blogs and spend the rest of the day working on projects!


SM: Where do you get your inspiration?

AB: Truly? My everyday life. My life in general is a bit crazy, and so the sassiness and the touch of girly-snark just comes out and I will realize, “Gosh! That would be cute on a mug!” Also, I have stopped designing for what I think my clients might like and I’ve started designing for myself and things that I need… like a Happy Thoughts notepad!

Happy Thoughts Notepad via Ashley Brooke Designs

SM: Walk me through the design process that you go through for creating a new product.

I do have the best job in the world because my ABD girls help me out A TON! Every few months we all get together to brainstorm ideas and we sit on the couch and giggle until we come up with something good! It’s THE best!


SM: What is next for ABD? Where do you see it in 5 years?

AB: Oh wow! Well, a lady does not spill her secrets! What I can tell you? The next few years are looking very bright and very sassy!!


SM: What is your advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs?

AB: Don’t be afraid to fall flat on your face… failing isn’t always a bad thing; you are just that much closer to succeeding! Be ready to fail and fail often, and ask questions…. never be afraid to ask questions! Persistence and willing to try new things is key.Ashley Brooke Interview

Big thanks to Ashley for taking the time to chat! Be sure to check out her adorable products here!

Want to be featured or know someone who should? Shoot me an email, samantha {at} bonjourblue {dot} com!


Workin for a Birkin Freebie

I’ve always gotten a kick out of this little saying, because what style blogger doesn’t dream of a Birkin in her future? Have fun with this new little freebie (iPhone 5 background is the second of the two.)

Workin for a Birkin

iPhone 5 Background:

Working for a Birkin iPhone Background


Printed Pullover

Printed PulloverPrinted PulloverFall PulloverPrinter PulloverTory Burch Pullover

Pullover: Tory Burch, Pants: Missoni, Booties: Saks Fifth Avenue (also love these), Bag: Tory Burch (old but similar here), Jewelry: Julie Vos, Loren Hope and David Yurman


How to be the best intern

Internships have become a necessary part for college students that are serious about there careers. For me, I learn by doing, so they are even more crucial because I need that hands-on experience to feel I have truly learned, and hopefully mastered, something. However, internships can be tough, really tough.

The Intern Guide

I decided to put together some tips for those of you starting on your internship experience (and those of you already in them.) I used my own experiences and also asked some of my friends for their advice on how to be the best intern possible. Here is what we came up with:

1. Arrive early and leave late. You should be in before your boss in the morning, and already be hard at work by the time your boss arrives. You want them to know how much you want to be there and how hard you are willing to work to prove it. Don’t just leave when all of your work is done, see if there is anything else you can help with or another project that you can begin.

2. Ask intelligent questions. There is such thing as a dumb question, whoever told you there wasn’t is wrong. If you’re wondering about how to do something or what you should do next, see if you can figure it out on your own first, if there is another intern, ask them if they know how before going to your boss. Some questions you won’t be able to figure out, and that’s okay, that’s why you have a boss, but many of them you will be able to figure out on your own.

3. Listen & take notes. Once you have asked your intelligent question, make sure you pay careful attention to what your boss is telling you. Every time you meet with your boss you should have a pen and paper in hand to take notes or write down your next task. This lets them know that you are taking this internship seriously and are absorbing what you are being told.

4. Dress appropriately. Too many times I was on the subway this past summer heading to my internship and would see someone heading to their internship or job in an outfit that looked more like they should be heading out for the night, not heading into the office. Skirts and dresses shouldn’t be skin tight or too short, if you wear it when you go out at night, it probably has no place for being worn to the office. You’ve all heard it before, dress for the job you want.

5. Texting & Social Media policies, follow them. Make sure you are aware of the rules for phone use at the office, typically the rule of thumb is no use (this includes texting) except for lunch. (side note: you may not get a lunch break so be prepared and bring something you can eat quickly at your desk.) If you are waiting for an important call of are having an emergency, let your boss know when they arrive so they don’t think you are slacking off and stealing company time (even if it is an unpaid internship.) Company computers and devices should never be used for personal email, social media or anything of the sort, work only, regardless of the policy.

6. Attitude is everything. Your attitude will let people know a lot about you, good and bad. Always be positive at work, don’t complain about long hours, work assignments, co-workers, etc. The people you work with have a lot of influence, think future job opportunities and references. So stay positive and keep an upbeat attitude at all times.

7. Personal life shouldn’t enter work life. If you’re having a bad day personally, if you and your boyfriend are in a fight, if your best friend and you went out too late last night, check it at the door before you walk in the office. When you come in, no one should be able to tell that you’re having personal issues, whatever they may be, you’re at work, be professional and positive. This still applies when you have work friends, at the office, you need to keep it PG.

8. Drinking. Often times there will be work dinners or work outings, or casual drinks with people at your office. For starters, if you’re not 21 you shouldn’t be drinking, I don’t care if your parents let you or you don’t get carded, you’re under 21, no drinking. For all of us over 21 people, you should be drinking the least amount of anyone there. Drinking too much is not going to end well at all. Be responsible, it will reflect on how they view you. (p.s. drink lots of water while at work, it will help you to stay awake better than coffee will.)

9. Learn to prioritize. A lot of times there will be an overwhelming amount of work for you to get done and a deadline looming overhead. Figure out what is the most important task or tasks and get those done first. Organize your time and stay on task. Showing that you can handle a large work load without getting stressed is key to showing your boss that you could handle a full-time job with ease.

10. Don’t be afraid to pitch an idea. This may be really scary at first, and you may get rejected, but that’s about the worst thing that can happen. If you came up with a great new way to market your company or a more efficient way for everyone in the office to be on the same page, don’t be afraid to pitch it to your boss. Showing them you can think for yourself and are working towards the same goal as the company, not just for getting an internship out of the way, will really give you credibility.

Got it? Good. Now, when you head into your internship remember these tips and make sure you’re being responsible. If you’re ever not sure what you should do, put yourself in your bosses shoe’s and ask yourself what they would want you to do or how they would handle the situation. Now go out and kick butt!

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