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Hot to Get Clear Skin

My skin had been worse than usual the past year. I really struggled to find products that worked. Some would make me break-out more than usual, others were too harsh and dried my skin, and some made me feel like an oil slick. Nothing I did worked. I ordered tons of products, tried home remedies, literally everything. I tried oil cleansing, face washing contraptions, different routines- seriously, everything. Finally I gave the line of Chanel skin care products a try. It worked. It certainly wasn’t over-night. It took a few weeks to see the real improvement in my skin, but once I did I couldn’t stop using their products! I’ve since had women stop me and ask me what I use on my skin and what makeup products I use- which was a total first for me! Now, I naturally have acne-prone skin, not crazy but I usually always have a small break-out or two.

Chanel Skin Care Review Chanel Skin Care Review

So here’s the scoop on what I use. I don’t use their facial cleanser, I use this Neutrogena cleanser. I then follow it up with the Chanel Hydra Serum (just one pump.) Then, Monday-Friday I use the Le Jour Moisturizer, Saturday and Sunday I use the Le Weekend Moisturizer, again just one pump. Last step is the Percision eye cream (I’ve been using this for a few years and still love it!) Now since it’s winter I’ve occasionally needed more moisturizing power, for that I’ve added in this Simple Face Moisturizer instead of the other moisturizers. Its thicker and really makes sure my skin has the drink it needs. If it’s really bad, I’ll use this Kiehl’s Concentrate. It’s basically an oil that I put on instead of the serum- I only ever do this at night though.

Chanel Skin Care Review

I also make sure to wash my face with my finger tips only, I try to be really gentle on my skin so I don’t pull or tug at it. Make sure your water temperature is luke-warm, any hotter and it will dry your skin out. Pat your skin dry with a clean towel at the very end, don’t wipe. The biggest thing is to be super consistent, every morning and night. NEVER sleep with makeup on! I used to be really bad about this, but since I vowed to change my ways and really take care of my skin, it’s literally 1000x better. I can finally leave the house without makeup on and don’t fee self-conscious about it.  If it’s a late night and you really can’t manage to wash your face, use one of these makeup removing wipes and put some simple moisturizer on after, don’t make this a regular habit, but in a pinch it’ll make a difference.

Now, the Chanel products, are not the most budget friendly; however, these bottles have lasted me for about 6 months using it twice a day, the eye cream lasts even longer. You really don’t need more than a pump of each to cover your entire face. I would highly recommend them if you’re really battling your skin and are still breaking-out.

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Pink Blazer

Pink Blazer and Leopard ClutchPink Blazer Pink Blazer Pink Blazer, Stuart Weitzman and Leopard Clutch Pink Blazer

Blazer: Zara (similar here and here), Cami: Zara (similar here), Jeans: Paige Denim, Shoes: Stuart Weitzman, Clutch: Clare V., Necklace: Gorjana, Ring: Margaret Elizabeth

THESE BOOTS! That may have been a smidgen excessive, but honestly completely justified. They’re amazing. You can walk for miles in them and look cute, such a win win. The blazer I purchased a few years back when I was studying abroad in Rome. I love that I can wear all neutrals and just pop that on to immediately make the outfit stand out. If you’ve been following my blog you know I’ve been obsessed with leather pants. While, these aren’t leather, they offer a really similar look at much easier to swallow price point.

Ready for the best piece of news? Shopbop is having a MEGA SALE! Here are the details:

Spend $250, Save 15%

Spend $500, Save 20%

Spend $1000, Save 25%

This sale goes through Saturday, March 7th. Use code BIGEVENT15.

Shop my Shopbop Sale picks here:

Photos by Anabella Veress




Not all pictures are worth 1,000 words, especially when you can count how many words are in the picture. But like actions speaking louder than words, meaning speaks volumes more than the number. Sometimes life speeds so fast you can hardly keep up, but the worst thing you can do is try to slow it down. If you don’t use it, you’ll loose it. Keeping these little reminders in the back of your head is important, they can be your saving grace when you have an “I JUST CAN’T” moment. You can, and gosh damn you will.

Cheers, Monday. Or, in the words of Britney Spears, Work Bitch.


Weekend Sales (including leather & fur)

“There’s always a way to wear fur” -Anna Wintour

Weekend Sales Chanel Bags

image via

Leather, Fur and more leather are ruling this weekend sales round-up. AKA I was drooling over these picks. AKA I’ll be shopping them while I binge watch watch a few episodes of House of Cards as it was released on Netflix today (If you don’t watch it start from season one immediately!)

Shop my picks with the links and widgets below:

Joie: Epic sales picks here. Honestly, the only description that is fitting. For starters, this leather jacket and this leather skirt make me want to post flyers about how amazing of a deal they are. This jacquard jacket is a piece you could wear multiple times a week and be more chic with each wear.

Shopbop: While this doesn’t fall under the leather or fur category, it falls under the “get in my closet right now because I’m in love.” I’m talking about this dress. You can thank me later for showing you it’s on sale. Basically you’ll put it on anytime the weather is above 60 degrees. Okay, back to the scheduled programming. I never used to wear gloves, but with commuting to work in this frigid weather (and realizing it was another opportunity to accessorize) I’ve been wearing them non-stop. With fringe being such a hot trend, these gloves are a must have for you. Finding the perfect fur vest (at a decent price point) is a tough feat. However, I think it’s finally happened with this grey fur vest.

Saks: Saks can get pricey (as they have some super fab designers) but you can also find incredible deals if you know what you want. Like these leather shorts at 60% off and still in all sizes?! Or this leopard print calf-hair jacket. Yeah, I’m wiping the drool off my chin too. Another trend to hop on board with? Menswear. This tuxedo jumpsuit is the perfect piece to start on that trend

p.s. I made sure that all these picks have nearly every size left, so get shopping!


Winter Whites

Bonjour Blue Winter WhitesBonjour Blue Winter WhitesBonjour Blue Winter WhitesBonjour Blue Winter WhitesBonjour Blue Winter Whites

Sweater: Rugby (old, similar here), Jeans: Paige, Shoes: Cole Haan (similar here), Clutch: Celine (also love this color option), Necklace: Tiffany & Co. (similar here), Ring: David Yurman

I really hate the “no white after Labor day” rule. I also completely disregard it. These jeans are my absolute favorite white jeans, they’re the only ones that don’t have the pocket showing through, are comfortable, and don’t make me feel self-concious for wearing white on my bottom-half. Basically they’re a total confidence booster. My clutch I picked up last year and its one of my most coveted pieces (see my post on Celine here.) I loved pairing the white jeans with an off-white sweater to break up the outfit a bit and make it a little more “winter friendly.” If you haven’t tried a winter white outfit yet, I would highly recommend giving it a go. You don’t even have to go full white on white (although, I would encourage it.) Also, not shown in the pictures is the warm coat I go in and out of in-between shots.

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Photos by Anabella Veress


Must Haves For Less

Must Haves for Less

It’s that awkward time in-between seasons where you’ve worn everything in your winter wardrobe multiple times and you’re itching for something new, but Spring is right around the corner. Too cold for Spring and too bored of Winter. So I put together my must haves for right this very minute. A few items that are perfect for taking you into the spring, and a few that will make sure you don’t freeze in the meantime. All at amazing prices (seriously, you’ll die when you see them.) These little mules are a neutral lovers dream! They’ll be the shoes you wish you bought two pairs of because you’ll want them for every year to come. A pink coat is a necessity, and the fact that it’s under $100 makes it a no brainer. I love sweatshirts that you can wear in public without being embarrassed, they’re perfect for your Saturday morning coffee with friends, and double for your Thursday wine night watching Grey’s and Scandal (anyone?) I saw this dark grey one and it reminded me of when I used to steal my brother’s sweaters and sweatshirts (Matt, if you’re reading this, sorry…) Luckily, this one won’t make you look like you’re actually just wearing a knit tent. If you’re looking for more deals under $100, check out the rest of my picks here.

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Winter Romper

Bonjour Blue Samantha Metell Bonjour Blue Bonjour Blue

Romper: Joie, Boots: Stuart Weitzman (similar here), Bag: Gucci (love this color for spring), Necklace: Tiffany & Co. (similar here and here)

I hated rompers, until I tried this one (also available in a cute print here.) I really just didn’t like the concept of them and couldn’t find one that I thought was flattering. When I first picked it up, I wasn’t a fan of it on the hanger, but the saleswoman convinced me to try it on. I was very happy I listened. It’s now a piece that I am constantly thinking, “well, I’ll just through my romper on and I’m good to go.” Drinks with the girls? Check. For working in fashion? Check. Date night? Check. Shopping in Soho? Check. It covers all of the necessities.

The bag is an absolute favorite (and comes in this AMAZING color for spring.) It’s my weekend bag for when I’m out and about. It fits my keys, phone, small notepad, small wallet, chapstick, lipstick (yes, both are necessary), a pair of gloves and pretty much anything else I deem essential for the day.

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Photography by Anabella Veress


Do You

You Do You Girl

You do You. When so much is changing in your life, it tends to lend itself to taking a step back and looking at everything a bit different. You ask yourself questions like, where am I going to be in 12 months? 5 years? What do I really want to do? The list goes on. It’s scary and exciting, all at the same time.

Everyone you meet changes you in some way, for better or worse. Some people will try to change who you are, or what you wear, but to me, those aren’t the people you want to be around. Not if they’re changing you to someone you don’t want to be. It’s hard to see it in the moment though- nearly impossible actually. Even when a friend tells you or hints at it, you will usually rationalize it away. Don’t. DO YOU.

Since moving to NYC and being able to meet new people in a “fresh start” sort of setting, it has helped me to see the women I want to be (thanks for the line, DVF.) I’ve started to care less about how others view me, and what they think about what I say or wear. Instead, I think “I’m going to just do me.” Besides, it’s way easier that way.

I challenge you all to do the same, and to the super chic ladies out there who already do- you go girls.


TGIF Weekend Sales

Bonjour Blue

image via

Who’s ready for the freakin’ weekend?! I’ve been trying to train myself to require less sleep, because if I had my way, I’d go to bed at 9 pm. So I’ve been going to bed between 11 and midnight this week and it has certainly left me feeling a little more tired. However, Thursday was the first day I didn’t feel like I was going to pass out at 3 pm. This weekend, I’m going to try and keep my schedule and get some serious work done, it’s a work hard to play hard later kind of weekend. What are your plans?

Shop the very best weekend sales here:


J.Crew (20% off with code SHOPPINGTIME)



Bella Tu

While I was in Palm Beach (when can I go back?) I got to play around with this pretty piece from bella tu! It was a great little beach coverup and perfect for when shirts and shoes were required for lunch. I love the wide sleeves to give it a special touch and make it feel like you’re a bit more put-together than you’re avenge beach cover-up.
Bella Tu 1 Bella Tu 3 Bella Tu 2

Top: bella tu c/o, Shorts: J.Crew, Bikini Top: J. Crew

bella tu also has a super awesome promotion going on through the end of the month. It’s also the easiest contest ever to enter. You just have to like their spa post on their Facebook page and everyone who does, by the end of the month, will be entered to win a spa day valued at $500 on them! Let’s be honest, we could all use a little extra pampering during the cold winter! I also picked out three of my other favorites from their collection to share:

Bella Tu 4

TunicDress | Tunic

This post was sponsored by bella tu. All opinions are my own.

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