New Arrivals Under $100

As I made my budget for the next few months, I knew that I would want to pick up some new pieces for work. However, I would need to keep them reasonable since NYC is costing me and arm and a leg (an worth every penny, I might add.) So I started looking at some of my favorite places to shop and seeing what new arrivals they had for under $100. Granted, many things I found wouldn’t be for work, but that didn’t stop me from absolutely loving them!

Shop my picks here:


Searching for a Desk

Bonjour Blue Bonjour Blue Bonjour Blue

1 // 2  // 3

I’ve been searching for a desk and have been unsuccessful thus far. I would really like to have a white desk for under $200, but with many of the ones in my price range being online only, it makes me nervous whether the desk would be sturdy enough. My other issue? Most of the ones that fit my parameters are too long! My studio is teeny-tiny so my furniture pieces have to be petite.   Many of the desks I’ve fallen in love with fall very far outside my budget (I’m talking leaps and bounds outside) but being the picky girl I am, I’m not one for settling. Here are some I absolutely love or that fall in my price range, what are your thoughts? Do any of you have suggestions for a pretty white and sturdy desk?


Modest Hem

Bonjour BlueBonjour Blue Bonjour Blue Bonjour Blue Bonjour Blue Bonjour Blue

Dress: Junie Blake c/o, Shoes: Violet and Red (old, but similar flat version here), Necklace: Nikki E Designs c/o, Bracelets: Loren Hope, Bag: Leah Lerner c/o (last seen here)

I’ve gotta start out talking about my love for this necklace because it totally could double as a self-defense weapon. That was literally my very first thought when I opened up the package and saw it. It’s another piece that is very much outside of what I would normally wear but I absolutely love it. I end up wearing it pretty often as a piece that gives an otherwise boring outfit, some interest.

Photography by Aliza Rae


Currently Coveting: Hermes Scarves

Framed Hermes Scarf Hermes Scarf Framed Limited Edition Hermes Scarf Framed Hermes ScarfHermes Scarf

1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5

I’ve loved silk scarves for as long as I can remember. Along with trying on my mother’s shoes and clopping around her room when I was little, I would wrap her silk scarves around me in any way I possibly could. Not all that much has changed, now I just know how to tie a scarf a bit better. Hermes scarves take my obsession to the next level however. They are beautiful pieces of art that always seem to have the most gorgeous color combinations and patterns. The only problem is I can’t decide if I would want to wear it, or frame it. What would you do- wear or frame?

Shop some of my picks of vintage Hermes scarves here (swoon):


Leather Trench

Bonjour Blue Bonjour Blue Bonjour Blue Bonjour Blue Bonjour Blue Bonjour Blue

Trench: Walter Baker c/o (similar here), Top: Dora Landa c/o, Pants: Theory (similar here), Booties: Saks Fifth Avenue (scored at the outlet!), Polish: OPI Big Apple Red

This trench really pushed me out of my comfort zone with the faux leather sleeves, but I’m so glad it did! I love how padded the shoulders are and love that it is a much more edgy piece then I normally go for. It has a great cut to it, which makes your waist look teeny-tiny (who doesn’t want that?!) I paired it with one of my favorite pair of standby pants from Theory, and my favorite little black booties that I scored at the outlet this past summer. I’m also obsessed with the blue stripes in the background, I was so excited when I saw the location my fab photographer Aliza picked for this outfit!

What do you think of this edgy trench?


Travel Guide: Kauai

Kauai was easily one of my favorite trips, the island is beyond gorgeous between the beautiful ocean and the lush vegetation. Here’s my Kauai Travel Guide

What: Helicopter Tour with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

Why: Amazing views of the island and a very special experience

Tips: Take motion sickness medication, even if you have a strong stomach (I use bonine)


What: BarAcuda Tappas & Wine

Why: Delicious food and great atmosphere

 Tips: Make reservations and if you’re 2 or 4 ask to sit at the chef’s bar seats. Be sure to try the spinach salad, the ono and the short ribs!

What: Captain Andy’s Seacave Tours (Adventure tours)

Why: Explore the Na Pali coast, see whales, dolphins, turtles, and land on some gorgeous beaches. FYI- You are on a small hard bottom raft so make sure you’re okay being a little sore the next day if it’s rough out- it’s worth it! (p.s. this was our absolute favorite part of the trip, the crew was amazing and did a great job throughout the trip)


What: Sleeping Giant Trail

Why: Great hike for views of the island and a solid little workout

What: Sunset drinks at the St. Regis

Why: Overlooking the ocean with mountains in the background, do I need to say more? (I recommend trying the Blue Kauai drink)

Tip: Get there early so you can have the view and seat of your choice!

What: Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees (yes, they’re real)- find them here

Why: They’re breathtaking and you honestly can’t believe that they exist until you’re surrounded by them.

Tip: If it’s a little rainy out, go because the colors will be even more vivid!

What: Every smoothie with Acai you are offered- every. single. one.

Why: They’re DELICIOUS. I was already obsessed with smoothies, but Kauai took it to the next level.

We stayed in Princeville, which was a little far away from the activities I listed, but we loved being over in that area. It’s the more tropical side of the island and had our favorite restaurants. Both the St. Regis and the Westin in Princeville (they’re sister hotels, so you get certain access to the other when you stay at one) have amazing food. In addition to what I listed above, be sure to find time to relax by the pool and beach (duh!) We really enjoyed just driving around to find different beaches and waterfalls throughout the island since there are so many to see.

We went in December, which meant it was a little cooler, but much less crowded. Since it’s one of the rainiest places on Earth, be sure you have a rain jacket! I somehow missed this memo and had to pick one up there (and it was kind of hard to find one ironically.) Anyways, I would highly, highly recommend visiting this island, I know I’m hoping to get back there as soon as I possibly can!


Midi Dress

IMG_1461 IMG_1381 IMG_1367 IMG_1499

Dress: Zara (from summer collection), Shoes: Halogen, Earrings: Julie Vos, Bracelet: Margaret Elizabeth

As I wrap up the last of my looks from Kauai, I can’t help but wish I was back there. It was the perfect way to celebrate my early graduation from college. The dress I picked up at Zara this past summer, and it frequented many dinner dates with me. The shoes are the absolute most comfortable heeled sandals I own- seriously! I ended up wearing them a ton for both work and play.

Shop my favorite midi dresses below:


Apartment Inspiration

I’m apartment hunting today and since I found out about my official move, I’ve been on Pinterest pulling inspiration. While it will certainly take me a while to decorate my little place, since it can get very expensive, I want to have a clear direction of the colors and look I want to go for. I’ve been thinking I want to have a slightly 60’s inspired space filled with lucite and fun bursts of colors hidden throughout the place. Although, sometimes all I want is a very bright and clean apartment. And other times I think dramatic black walls is the way to go. Basically, I like too many looks and need to start narrowing it down (oh, and being more realistic….) Anyways, here are some of my favorite bits of inspiration:

Preppy Apartment- Bonjour Blue White Office Space with Farmhouse Table- Bonjour Blue Bookshelf Style- Bonjour Blue Prada and Printed Wallpaper- Bonjour Blue 60's Inspired Apartment- Bonjour Blue

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 //

What is your dream apartment? 60’s inspired? White and clean? Dramatic black? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


White Shift

IMG_1774IMG_1813 IMG_1778

Dress: Zara (old, but similar here), Heels: Isaac Mizrahi, Bracelet: Margaret Elizabeth, Earrings: Julie Vos

I’ve had this white shift for a few years and it’s still one of my favorite pieces. It’s really versatile, and especially great if you’re over-indulging at dinner time! I wore it out to dinner one night while we were in Kauai, and it was perfect in the humid air. My pumps are a more recent addition to my closet, but I’ve been pairing them with everything from skinny jeans to party dresses. Looking at these pictures makes me desperately want to be back in Kauai, as I’m currently looking at the frozen pond behind our house. Anyone up for a quick tropical retreat?

Shop the post by clicking the images below or the links above:


Kauai Instagram Recap

Bonjour Blue

St. Regis in Kauai

Bonjour Blue

Bikini | Sunglasses

Bonjour Blue

Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees (they were amazing!)

Bonjour Blue

Met a few turtles and a monk seal on one of the beaches

Bonjour Blue

Shop the outfit here

Bonjour Blue

Manhattan Pier View in LA

Bonjour Blue

Tiffany & Co. on Rodeo Drive

Our trip to Kauai, and quick stop in LA, was amazing. I absolutely loved the island and we had so much fun between our hikes, helicopter tour, boat tours and beach days. I’ll be posting a little Kauai trip guide soon to share our favorite places and trips, but here’s a quick peak from our trip from my instagram.

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