Painting Lilly Pulitzer

A few weeks before I left for school I went on a crafting phase. Part of this phase was painting Lilly Pulitzer prints on various materials and items. I was asked how I painted the print and so I decided that there were maybe a few more of you ladies who would want to know. I, by no means, am an expert at this, but this is the “technique” I used.

This was the tissue box cover I painted. I began by painting the background white.

I started with a medium pink color and did the general shape of the flowers.

I then went back over with the next color or pink.

Then again with light pink.

I added the darkest color of green for leaves.

Adding a light, almost lime green gives the leaves good dimension.

The second to last step was adding the background color, you don’t have to be exact, in fact most Lilly prints have a little bit of a hand painted look to them.

Finally I added white to the flowers to give them the shape and dimension I wanted.

On one of the sides I decided to paint my monogram. I printed my monogram out and traced it onto the side of the box, then painted over the pencil with white.

I also put two layers of mod podge on to keep the paint from chipping (truth be told I could probably use two more coats). The whole project was very easy and fairly relaxing. Happy Painting!

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  1. jane says:

    You’ve really got an eye for this sort of a thing…you make it look soo easy! And it looks great!

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