3 Beauty Tools You Can’t Live Without

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I’ve always been a beauty product junkie and love testing out new products and beauty tools. However, there are few that stick around for the long term. These are 3 that I absolutely cannot live without- even traveling, they come with me at all times.

The first is Artis make-up brushes- both…

Mother’s Day Gifting

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Mother’s day is around the corner and this year it’s all about the beauty gifts! Every girl loves to be pampered, so make sure your mom is too. With us in full wedding planning mode, I made sure my mom had the Essie Gel Couture …

Spring Beauty Must Haves

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Over the past month I’ve switched up a few of my products but finally feel like I’m in a good groove. While there’s a few others I use on a regular basis (if you keep up with me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen them) these are the ones I cannot …