Wedding Wednesday: Finding Your Florist

For this weeks Wedding Wednesday I’ve teamed up with the very talented Carly of BloomBar! Not only am I so excited to work with her, but I’m even more thrilled to say she will be doing the florals for mine and Eric’s wedding. I first found Carly on Instagram a little more than a year ago. I immediately fell in love with her work and knew I wanted the chance to work together.

Last week we went to the New York flower district to take a look at all the gorgeous blooms and pick some of our favorite flowers for a Spring wedding bouquet. Immediately, the smell of Peonies and Lilac greeted us as we walked into the first market.

I asked Carly some questions about how to find a kick-ass florist like herself, her favorite blooms and suggestions for bouquets outside of the Spring months.


When a bride is looking for a florist, what should she be looking for?

First – the fun part! – research, browse and Pinterest (if you Pin!) – just explore all of your options and the work of as many vendors as you like. I like to look at florists’ Instagram as well as their webpage. Instagram gives you a sense of their “on the go” or “in the moment” design, aesthetic, even personality, where the website offers a more cultivated, curated look at their finished product.

Next – the logistics and nitty gitty – make sure your florist is insured, has experience in weddings or large scale events, and has a contract that will protect both of your interests. The simple standards of excellent customer care should be in place.

The final piece is the fit – a phone chat or a coffee can really give you a sense of your comfort level with the vendor. This is a very special day for you, and as your florist, I want you to feel completely understood and well taken care of. It really is a relationship that grows during the planning process, so the more comfortable you feel with a vendor, the prettier the eventual bloom!


When you’re building a floral plan, what are the 3 add-ons you would suggest beyond the bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces?

I love to find unexpected floral touches that leave an impression, and what lasts long after the wedding?…the amazing wedding photos. So I try to identify moments that are really photograph-able – whether a really unique cake display with florals, a gorgeous escort card table or guest book floral install, or a pretty personal detail like a flower comb, crown or bracelet. Your photographer will love to shoot these special details and they will make a lasting impression in your photos.

Another fun add-on is take away blooms – they make great individual, customizable  gifts for guests. BloomBar is the perfect blend of DIY with guidance and direction from a florist!


There are a lot of different kinds of bouquets, how can a bride pick the one that’s right for her?

Overall, consider what do you like to look at – something round and symmetrical or loose and cascading…a lot of bright color or a monochromatic palette. Bring examples of bouquets you like, and that will give your florist a ton of direction and inspiration. We want to see things through your eyes, so the more examples of size, shape, proportion and relative tightness/looseness of the blooms, the better!


If you could build any bouquet or centerpiece you wanted, what flowers and colors would you chose?

I am partial to shades of pink (in case you can’t tell from everything BloomBar!) so I always love to find new varieties of blooms in shades of pink for any flower project.

New projects and challenges are always welcome – I am beyond excited for a wedding we’re doing at a private estate in September that will include 4 floral chandeliers installed inside a gorgeous Sperry tent.


Flowers are very seasonal, can you give us the flowers you’d always suggest using in a bouquet in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter?

Flowers are gorgeous, tend to be very expensive, and certain varieties are so season-dependent. I would say roses, garden roses and pretty greenery like seeded and rainbow eucalyptus are easily available year-round. With the global nature of the flower market, it is possible to get flowers out of season for your wedding, but at a great cost and heavy carbon footprint. With that in mind, I like to offer more in-season and even local options to clients:

Spring – ranunculus, sweet pea, peonies (from April to early July), jasmine, lilac

Summer – dahlias, zinnia, gladiolus, hydrangea, foxglove, lisianthus

Fall – dahlias (early fall), lisianthus, seedum, snapdragon, maiden grass

Winter – hellebore, cyclamen, late winter ranunculus (Feb-March)


For those of you wondering, the above pictures from top to bottom feature the following flower varieties: Peonies (first 3 photos), Lisianthus (come in lots of colors and are very lon lasting), Dutch Double Tulips of the ‘Sambucca’ variety, Anemones and Sweet Pea.

A special thank you to Carly for collaborating on this post!

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  1. Right now my fiance and I are planning our wedding for this fall. We want to make sure we find the right florist to help with my bouquet as well as the centerpieces and decor. Thanks for the tip on making sure that the florist you choose is insured as well as experienced with events similar to yours. We’ll be sure to do this.

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Annika,

      We’re so glad we could help you out! It’s so important to make sure your vendors have the right insurance and have experience in events similar to yours. Best of luck with all of your wedding planning. Have a great rest of your week. xx

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