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This month I’ve paired up with Bliss and The Pink Agenda to bring awareness to Breast Cancer. It’s a disease that has been close to my heart since the first diagnosis in my family over 10 years ago, since then, we’ve all become more diligent about getting checks for ourselves and doing everything we can to keep ourselves healthy. While we’ve had multiple diagnosis’ over the years in family and friends, we’re fortunate that all of these wonderful women were caught in the early stages as they checked themselves regularly for lumps.

For the month of October, 20% of the proceeds generated from the Bliss Fabulous franchise (up to $15,000), including fabulous products and spa services, to The Pink Agenda. Pink Agenda is a not-for-profit organization committed to raising money and awareness for breast cancer research and care.

My personal three favorites from the line are the lid + lash wash, which I’ve used for years, as well as the clog dissolving cleansing milk, and my newest favorite, the makeup melt gel-to-oil cleanser. The lid and lash wash I use daily to clean the mascara and eyeliner that doesn’t come off from regular face washing. It’s gentle and doesn’t bother my eyes like many of the others I’ve tried in the past. The clog dissolving milk is a great morning cleanser, it’s gentle and I never feel as though it dries out my skin too much. The makeup melt is different from any other product I’ve used before, and is a great makeup remover for the end of the day.

I encourage you all to try out Bliss’ fabulous product line-up, but even more than that, I encourage you all to be diligent about checking yourselves early and often- understand what you can do to help keep yourselves healthy and encourage your loved ones to do the same. You can make a donation to The Pink Agenda to help continue breast cancer research and continue to spread awareness.

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