Travel Guide: Kauai

Kauai was easily one of my favorite trips, the island is beyond gorgeous between the beautiful ocean and the lush vegetation. Here’s my Kauai Travel Guide

What: Helicopter Tour with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

Why: Amazing views of the island and a very special experience

Tips: Take motion sickness medication, even if you have a strong stomach (I use bonine)


What: BarAcuda Tappas & Wine

Why: Delicious food and great atmosphere

 Tips: Make reservations and if you’re 2 or 4 ask to sit at the chef’s bar seats. Be sure to try the spinach salad, the ono and the short ribs!

What: Captain Andy’s Seacave Tours (Adventure tours)

Why: Explore the Na Pali coast, see whales, dolphins, turtles, and land on some gorgeous beaches. FYI- You are on a small hard bottom raft so make sure you’re okay being a little sore the next day if it’s rough out- it’s worth it! (p.s. this was our absolute favorite part of the trip, the crew was amazing and did a great job throughout the trip)


What: Sleeping Giant Trail

Why: Great hike for views of the island and a solid little workout

What: Sunset drinks at the St. Regis

Why: Overlooking the ocean with mountains in the background, do I need to say more? (I recommend trying the Blue Kauai drink)

Tip: Get there early so you can have the view and seat of your choice!

What: Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees (yes, they’re real)- find them here

Why: They’re breathtaking and you honestly can’t believe that they exist until you’re surrounded by them.

Tip: If it’s a little rainy out, go because the colors will be even more vivid!

What: Every smoothie with Acai you are offered- every. single. one.

Why: They’re DELICIOUS. I was already obsessed with smoothies, but Kauai took it to the next level.

We stayed in Princeville, which was a little far away from the activities I listed, but we loved being over in that area. It’s the more tropical side of the island and had our favorite restaurants. Both the St. Regis and the Westin in Princeville (they’re sister hotels, so you get certain access to the other when you stay at one) have amazing food. In addition to what I listed above, be sure to find time to relax by the pool and beach (duh!) We really enjoyed just driving around to find different beaches and waterfalls throughout the island since there are so many to see.

We went in December, which meant it was a little cooler, but much less crowded. Since it’s one of the rainiest places on Earth, be sure you have a rain jacket! I somehow missed this memo and had to pick one up there (and it was kind of hard to find one ironically.) Anyways, I would highly, highly recommend visiting this island, I know I’m hoping to get back there as soon as I possibly can!

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