DIY : Lilly Pulitzer Thumb Tacks

I found this adorable Lilly DIY project on, you guessed it- Pinterest! It was super easy and they turned out perfect! Now all I need is a Lilly board to pin them on.

The first step is get all of your supplies together. You will need:

Clear Gems



Mod Podge & new paint brush

Thumb Tacks

Hot glue gun

Lilly Patterns or any other patterns you would like to use

These are all great to use for patterns (magazines work best I think)


Find the pattern you would like to use and place your gem on it. Trace it and use your scissors to carefully cut it out. Check to see if it fits the gem and trim if need be.


Paint a thin coat of mod podge on the flat side of the gem. Then place the cut out pattern down. Press down and let dry. Then paint a thin coat over the back of the gem and cut out.

Gem with mod podge and the cut out


Once the mod podge is all dry, place a small dot of glue (from the hot glue gun) on the back and attach the thumb tack.

How cute are they?!

p.s. sometimes there is a little glue or mod podge on the front from handling, use your nail to scrape it off.

This was a super easy DIY project and took little time to prepare and do. They would make a great little gift to put into a basket for your little (future little, you will get them and you will love Lilly.)

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