101 things in 1001 days

A 1001 day bucket list with 101 things to get done, to be completed December 31, 2015.

1. Come up with a 101 things (May 2013)

2. Take a cooking class

3. Interview 5 women entrepreneurs that inspire me (4/5)

4. Do 10 my looks/outfit posts (May 2013)

5. Travel to 3 new cities (Rome, Athens and Santorini; July 2015)

6. Befriend an Elephant (April 2014)

7. Attend a fashion or blogging conference

8. Attend a fashion show (September 2015)

9. Learn to sew and make a dress (one that I would wear)

10. Clearly define my style and signature (20515)

11. Spend 24 hours “offline” (no phone, internet, TV etc)

12. Do a wine tasting at a vineyard  (in Rome)

13. Have fresh flowers on my desk everyday for one month

14. Send 50 handwritten notes

15. Do 3 tutorials / how-to posts

16.Keep my closet perfectly organized for one month

17. Become better at French

18. Learn to curl my own hair well (March 2014)

19. Read a Jane Austen Novel (other than Pride and Prejudice)

20. Inspire one person (October 2014, received a few emails that said it, beyond amazing!)

21. Try 10 new dishes or food items (September 2014)

22. Spend a day getting lost in a city and take it in (Rome)

23. Take a road trip with a best friend (Took a full trip June 2015)

24. See all the movies Audrey Hepburn starred in

25. Be able to run 3 miles without stopping or “become a runner”

26. Be able have my palms completely flat on the ground while standing

27. Gain at least 1,000 followers on twitter (September 2014, thank you everyone!)

28. Try four new cupcake recipes

29. Learn to make homemade bread (possibly gluten free?)

30. Intern in the fashion industry (May 2014)

31. For two weeks, don’t wear my hair in the same style twice

32. Get back in the saddle (June 2014)

33. Throw a masquerade party

34. Drink the recommended amount of water everyday for a week

35. Take a photography class

36. Make the perfect workspace (a beautifully decorated desk)

37. Go skydiving

38. Find my perfect hair color (March 2014)

39. Take a vacation with a friend or friends (July 2015)

40. Read 5 “classic” novels

41. Move into my own apartment (May 2014)

42. Throw an afternoon tea party

43. Take a freestyle skiing lesson

44. Take a cake decorating class

45. Put the cake decorating class to use and bake a fancy cake

46. Spend an afternoon with my brother (plan a fun day) (December 2013)

47. Find my perfect LBD (February 2014)

48. Meet 5 blogger friends (1/5)

49. Write a book ( even if it is a short one )

50. Take a Newport Mansions tour with my mom

51. Cook a dinner for a group (7+) of friends

52. Visit 10 museums (2/10)

53. Attend a Polo Match (April 2013, see here)

54. Go to Brimfield for an afternoon

55. Write a letter to myself to be opened when I am 30 years old

56. Take a picnic with friends one afternoon

57. Go scuba diving

58. Invest in 5 coffee table books (3/5)

59. Get the perfect coffee table

60. Take a ballroom dancing class

61. Shop at only a farmers market for two weeks

62. Go to a ballet

63. Find the skincare routine that works best for me

64. Do yoga everyday for two weeks (maybe even a month!)

65. Figure out SEO

66. Find my signature stationary

67. Re-read my 5 favorite books

68. Run my second 10K (and train for it this time…)

69. Go to an Art gallery opening

70. Graduate college with the perfect dress under my robes (May 2015)

71. Master the “messy bun”

72. Study Abroad (July 2013-Rome)

73. Decorate a room

74. Begin a dream job

75. Plan all my posts two weeks out

76. Make a scrapbook

77. Ski outside of the East Coast

78. Style a bookshelf (August 2013)

79. Do an outfit post with friends

80. Visit a friend in either Texas or Virginia

81. Make a gallery wall

82. Budget for 6 months out and stick to it

83. Find the perfect pair of black heels (January 2014)

84. Paint a room

85. Give-up sugar for two weeks

86. Volunteer at a new charity

87. Keep a hard copy of my address book

88. Find the perfect large pearl earrings (January 2014)

89. Watch all of the Harry Potter movies in a marathon (November 2013)

90. Learn to Paddleboard (July/August 2013)

91. Organize my jewelry

92. Learn about the stock market and dabble in it (Began August 2014)

93. Create my “future aspirations” binder

94. Sleep under the stars

95. Finally finish one of my needlepoint projects

96. Take  a day to better learn photoshop (May 2015)

97. Grow my own herbs

98. Learn to arrange flowers

99. Visit 3 new states (December 2014)

100. Invest in an Hermes Scarf

101. Begin a second savings account for a house

Completed: 19/101

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